In 1973 born in Osaka and grew up in Kobe. In 1996 after graduation from Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences, moved to New Zealand and started learning architecture through self-study. After returning home in 2000, worked for construction companies and architectural design offices. In 2012 studied abroad in Southern Europe to learn masonry and commercial architectures. Back in Fukuoka in 2013, established Comorebi Arquitecto Design Office. Moved to Kyoto in 2017, have been devoting to the traditional design for both architecture and landscape, enjoy playing rugby every weekend.

Traditional Japanese architecture and landscape is a passion and discipline to harmonize with the climate and nature itself. Comorebi Architecto design is based on a synergy of ancient Japanese style that is receptive to the very best design ideas from the rest of the world. These concepts create something that is greater than the sum of its parts, effecting creativity and uniquely imaginative design planning.

By being open to anything, traditional, modern, unconventional, residential and commercial spaces, the blueprint of the perfect space begins with taking infinite options and marrying them to your dream project. The warmth of a traditional Japanese homestead in your corporate space, or clean modern lines and rare materials for a house in the country, Comorebi Arquitecto can create something truly original and wonderful for you.